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Kukeldash Madrassah was built in the mid-16th century by the ruler's vizier Kukaldash, after secular use as a Soviet warehouse and museum, the madrassah is reasserting a religious role.
Barak Khan founded in the 16th century by a descendent of Tamerlane who ruled Tashkent for the Shaybanid dynasty. This is the administrative center of the Mufti of Uzbekistan, the head of official Islam in the Republic.
Tillya Sheykh mosque built in the same time as Barak Khan Madrassah, now employed as Friday Mosque. The highlight is the immense Osman Koran, claimed to be the world's oldest; in 655 it was stained with the blood of the murdered Caliph Osman.
Kafal Shashi mausoleum - the grave of a local doctor, philosopher and poet of Islam who lived from 904 to 979. The portal, inner dome and arcade date from the 16th century, when his holy reputation attracted a cemetery.
Alisher Navoi Opera & Ballet Theater - yellow-brick hybrid of classical and Central Asian styles, completed in 1947 by Japanese prisoners of war. The construction was led by architect Shchusev, designer of Lenin's mausoleum in Moscow.
Peoples Friendship Square centered on the monumental marble of the Palace of Peoples' Friendship, a 4000 seater for political and musical displays. In front is a statue of the blacksmith Shamakhmudov and the 15 orphans from European Russia who he and his wife adopted during World War II.
Khast Imam Square - the holy heart of Tashkent and the least Russified or Sovietized part of the city - consisting of Barak Khan Madrassah, Tillya Sheykh Mosque and Kafal Shashi Mausoleum.
Applied Art Museum - the museum is as popular for its setting as for its many beautiful exhibits. Tsarist diplomat Polovtsev expressed his appreciation of Uzbek architecture by having his residence built by masters from Bukhara, Samarkand, Khiva, Fergana and Tashkent.
Amir Temur Square - military parade ground, racetrack and promenading area in the past and the oldest public park in Tashkent, founded in 1882 by the order of general-governor Chernyaev.

"Once you have become the companion of the road,
it calls you again. The road lies outside the door
of your house full of charm and mystery".

Graham, Stephen
Through Russian Central Asia (1916)